Yo mama is so poor

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Yo mama is so poor ...

I asked her wheres the butter and she said scrape it off my teeth.

that your family ate Cornflakes with a fork to save milk.

they put her photo on food stamps.

she waves an ice lolly around and calls it Air conditioning.

the building society repossed her cardboard box.

each night she goes to KFC to lick other folk's fingers.

when I rang her doorbell, SHE said 'Ding-Dong'.

I asked her where the 'facilities were' and she replied - "Pick a corner...ANY corner..."

only time she smelled Hot Food was when a rich bloke farted.

she hangs the Toilet paper out to dry.

she had to take out a second mortgage on her cardboard box.

I went through her front door and tripped over the back fence.

she does drive by shootings on the school bus.
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